Single Pane of Glass
Network Visibility

The Information & Communications Technology (ICT) Portal from SES Space and Defense is a web-based NetOps capability that can be accessed anywhere in the world and provide a consolidated and transparent view of key information into a customer’s network performance, utilization and general situational awareness.

The ICT Portal places precise performance analytics and actionable data in the hands of key decision-makers through near real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities. Users can monitor, from anywhere in the world, hybrid, complex networks consisting of disparate systems, siloed software, multiple nodes, and various types of equipment that inherently do not communicate with one another.

Capability Overview:

  • Technology agnostic
  • Common operating picture (single pane of glass)
  • Modular design – easily customize views and reporting
  • Simple and secure login via any IP connection (private network, or firewalled Internet)
  • Complete monitoring of network operations for near real-time performance visibility of hybrid terrestrial and satellite wide area networks
  • Alarm awareness, predictive troubleshooting via targeted data presentation
  • Centralized data repository (resource library)
  • Enhanced Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) features and functionality

Improve performance and operational decision making with a single pane of glass view into your network.

Customize to Your Requirements

The SES Space and Defense ICT Portal can be customized to customer requirements and offer a consolidated view of ecosystem management and operations so customers can see in near-real time how their network is performing. The ICT Portal can include views into trouble ticket status, network status down to the end-user device, performance metrics, and status of projects or upgrades. The SES Space and Defense ICT Portal complies with NIST and DoD Risk Management Framework (RMF) security standards.

The ICT Portal uses the same holistic and vendor-agnostic approach that the SES Space and Defense ICT Ecosystem is engineered with, providing customers with a comprehensive and flexible monitoring and reporting solution. Customers now have the advantage of not only a single source for managing, operating, and troubleshooting the network from end-to-end, they have a single window where they can see the network for themselves in near-real time. This gives customers a tremendous advantage by providing key information to improve decision-making in the fast-paced environments in which they operate. The ICT Portal from SES Space and Defense is not just a source of information, but an invaluable capability for mission assurance.

The SES Space and Defense ICT Portal provides views into:


  • Capacity Management
  • Spectrum Monitoring
  • Bandwidth Forecasting/Reservation*
  • AI/ML Capabilities*


  • End-to-end Configuration Details
  • End-to-end Performance Monitoring
  • End-to-end Events/Conditions
  • Congestion Management*

* future capabilities


  • Cybersecurity
    • FedRAMP Authorized Cloud Services
    • Role BasedAccess Control
  • ITSM
    • Ticketing/Reporting
    • Asset Management
    • Knowledge-base
    • Ordering/Billing*
    • Operational Tools


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