Innovative Approaches to Acquire and Access Satellite

There are two components that comprise an end-to-end satellite solution – the satellite capacity from the spacecraft in orbit as well as the terrestrial hardware and terminals that connect with the spacecraft. For some government and military use cases and requirements, it’s the access, availability and deployment of the ground segment, as well as the hardware and terminals that have made the usage of satellite solutions untenable.

SES Space & Defense has worked to eliminate that barrier, introducing new and innovative ways to acquire and access satellite solutions that can make the use of satellite seamless for all government and military missions.

These new, innovative solutions include:

  • The Roll-On, Roll-Off Solution
  • The SKALA Global Network

High powered solutions for portable no fail missions.

Rapidly Deploy Fiber-Like Connectivity Anywhere

SES Space & Defense’s new, “Roll-On, Roll-Off,” turnkey mobile connectivity solution is an entirely integrated, self-contained, and waterproof solution designed to work with the O3b MEO satellite network. The solution can easily be moved by forklift, crane, or if the situation requires – airlifted from one site to another. 

With this new “Roll-On, Roll-Off” mobile solution, thousands of devices can receive high throughput, low-latency connectivity making it easy for the military or an emergency response organization to quickly build out a WiFi or 5G infrastructure in any scenario or environment.

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No matter the mission set, the “Roll-On, Roll-Off” solution provides warfighters with high throughout, low-latency connectivity from the SES Space & Defense O3b MEO satellite solution wherever the mission takes them. With the mobile “Roll-On, Roll-Off” solution, missions can seamlessly transition between land and sea domains. 

This vetted mobile connectivity solution enables aircraft carriers and hospital ships to maintain fiber-like connectivity at sea, then offload that connectivity to create a base when they reach their destination.

From enabling access to essential warfighter systems and applications on land, to delivering MWR and healthcare services to ships-at-sea, the “Roll-On, Roll-Off” solution can be quickly, easily and seamlessly deployed to deliver fiber-like connectivity to where it’s needed, when it’s needed.

Disaster relief and recovery efforts require situational awareness, communications, and collaboration between multiple organizations that span all levels of government and the private sector. But the networks necessary to power these tools are often compromised or destroyed in emergencies and natural disaster scenarios, making satellite the best solution for delivering mission-critical communication services to the response effort.

In emergency scenarios, response organizations work to establish a center of operations where they can manage the situation, monitor tactical operators, provide care and services to impacted residents and coordinate efforts. 

The “Roll-On, Roll-Off” mobile connectivity solution can be airlifted or trailered to the center of operations to deliver high throughput, low-latency, fiber-like connectivity for the entire area – enabling all necessary communications tools and services in locations and scenarios where terrestrial networks have been denied or destroyed.

Enabling Communications at the Tactical Edge

The SKALA Global Network (SKALA) is a managed service solution that makes communications at the tactical edge possible for military and government missions. This end-to-end solution is a unique combination of ground system technology, advanced satellite capabilities, and commercial satellite expertise that enables the creation and delivery of tailored services across a diverse range of use cases.

With flexible pricing options and the ability to connect with most terminals and antennas, SKALA provides high throughput connectivity at a fraction of the price of standard SATCOM contracts.

SKALA’s distributed architecture provides unprecedented scalability, enabling customers to increase bandwidth as needed. It also eliminates major bottleneck issues as capacity requirements increase. SES Space & Defense satellites provide global coverage using a combination of wide-beam and high throughput satellites (HTS) in Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO), which are connected to our expansive terrestrial MPLS network via global teleport gateways tailored specifically to scale and secure SKALA. This innovative platform allows users to capitalize on the full value of the SES Space & Defense fleet, including HTS which optimizes the platform architecture for a wide variety of use cases.  

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Network-enabled solutions have increasingly made their way into government and military operations, making connectivity at the edge essential to mission assurance.  SKALA provides high throughput connectivity to any austere environment that lacks trusted terrestrial networks. 

Whether warfighters are on a ship-at-sea or a transport plane traveling well beyond the reach of any existing terrestrial network, SKALA’s easy to implement system ensures they receive seamless access to resilient network connectivity without the need for specific antennas and terminals. 


Internet access via terrestrial or satellite is invaluable to disaster response and recovery efforts. With network enabled capabilities and devices becoming an integral part of recovery plans – having high throughput connectivity is critical to mission success. SKALA’s vetted technology and support provides a unique solution for when things go wrong in a no-fail situation.

SKALA provides a rapid response solution that is both cost-effective and scalable to unique mission requirements. With its versatile platform, municipalities can use almost any terminal available significantly reducing the cost of communications.

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