Ubiquitous Bandwidth to Every Corner of the Globe

Every technology today’s government and military are implementing requires high bandwidth connectivity. And that connectivity needs to extend to the edge – even in disconnected, intermittent, limited bandwidth (DIL) environments. Including but not limited to network-enabled weapon platforms, augmented reality on heads-up displays and smart headsets, cloud-native applications and systems, and HD video generated by ISR missions that’s aggregated and analyzed in real-time.

SES Space & Defense’s resilient global network ensures a rapid transfer of data to and from the field, bringing our customers closer to the operating picture. SES Space & Defense’s multi-orbit satellite fleet provides:

  • Robust, flexible and scalable solutions from multiple orbits.
  • High throughput, low-latency, “fiber-like” connectivity from the world’s first and only HTS constellation at MEO.
  • Reliable, secure connectivity in both military and commercial frequencies.
  • Compatibility with Small Form Factor (SFF) terminal solutions, enabling Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) data links for unmanned and Size, Weight, and Power (SwaP) challenged platforms.
  • Innovative terminal and managed service solutions tailored to fit any use case, requirement, and budget level.
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Vehicles and troops on the move.

Maintain control and coordination of complex ground operations with secure real-time data being transferred from ground troops to command.

Coordinate and command from above.

Our global HTS fleet delivers data up to 20 times faster than conventional satellites, ensuring intelligence, and commands can transfer between headquarters, manned, and unmanned aircrafts.

Delivering connectivity to ships of all sizes.

Harness the power of global connectivity that adapts to the crew’s bandwidth needs, with ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore networks that can support cloud applications and MWR requirements. 

Safely respond and rebuild.

Prepare for the unexpected with scalable, custom solutions and robust support for no-fail scenarios.

High Throughput on the High Seas

Facing resilient global threats, the maritime forces of the United States Navy, Marine Corps, Military Sealift Command (MSC), and Coast Guard are planning larger, more connected fleets to empower next-generation missions. To address these threats, SES Space & Defense is strategically positioned to deliver unprecedented, globally ubiquitous connectivity to our maritime warfighter. 

SES Space & Defense provides high throughput, low-latency satellite solutions for all size vessels, even in remote and austere environments. Whether it is a coast guard rescue mission or an aircraft carrier at sea or in port, service members can have reliable fiber-like connectivity for all their network enabled needs.

Maritime Solutions Include:

  • Longer term bandwidth lease options
  • Custom end-to-end solutions
  • Bandwidth portability across the globe
  • Teleport services and program management 
  • Capacity in all bands including C, Ku, Ka and inclined orbit capacity
  • Broad Aerial Maritime Surveillance (BAMS-D) Support
  • SES Space & Defense’s exclusive, high throughput, low latency, MEO Ka bandwidth
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Connectivity for Every Aero Mission

Whether if it’s an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), transport, or manned aircraft, network connectivity is required to send data between the aircraft and command. With no terrestrial networks available in the sky, aero missions rely on satellites to stay connected.

The groundbreaking O3b mPOWER system addresses the challenges of providing in-flight connectivity to government missions. O3b mPOWER, the next generation of SES Space & Defense’s market leading O3b MEO constellation, shifts the paradigm for satellite-based in-flight communications. The system is designed to complement SES Space & Defense’s Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO) satellite fleet, including next-generation high throughput satellites (HTS) that deliver data up to 20 times faster than conventional GEO satellites making it possible for mission command and decision makers to get quality ISR data such as HD video in real-time.

Modern widebody military aircrafts provide capabilities that go beyond the standard mission sets – such as long haul or refueling missions. Airlift aircraft and air mobility support require en route communications and planning to properly fulfill their mission requirements. 

SES Space & Defense Supports:

  • CTC-0231, CTC-0237 | Army Global Hawk operations
  • CTC-0238, CTC-0198 | Army Gray Eagle operations

True Comms-on-the-Move

Today’s next-generation weapon systems, military platforms, and vehicles are all network-enabled but the future of data on the battlefield extends beyond vehicles and mounted warfighters. The future dismounted warfighter will be outfitted with advanced communication technologies and augmented reality solutions that increase lethality, survivability, and effectiveness in the field. To power this vision, the future warfighter will need true comms-on-the-move and that’s only available with high throughput connectivity via satellite.

SES Space & Defense’s multi-orbit constellations gives military command the ability to blanket the battlefield in connectivity. With data extended to the tactical edge, tomorrow’s warfighters will be capable of accessing targeting information, situational awareness tools, navigational waypoints, troop movements, aerial imagery, and other mission-critical data. 

The high throughput, low-latency satellite solutions from SES Space & Defense keeps our soldiers connected – no matter where they’re deployed.

SES Space & Defense Supports:

  • Army theater Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) networks
  • Global combat service support and logistics networks
  • CTC-0115, CTC-0173, CTC-0194, CTC-0195, CTC-0245 | Warfighter Information Network Tactical (WIN-T) Increment 1- and Increment 2-equipped Brigade Combat Teams (BCTs)
  • CSS-0045, CTC-0205 | Trojan network
  • CTC-0144, SBS00013 | U.S. Army Homeland defense/homeland security networks


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