We promote the responsible use of space.

Sustainable Space

At SES Space & Defense, we are committed to maintaining a sustainable space ecosystem. It is our responsibility to minimize our environmental impact across the lifespan of our services, from launch to satellite decommissioning. 

To fulfill this commitment, both SES Space & Defense and SES conduct complete life cycle assessments on all products and services with technology partners to fully understand their impact on Earth and space.

As an industry leader, we must also promote the responsible use of space by advocating for, and collaborating on, the adoption of best practices and innovative solutions for space sustainability

Climate Action

Our solar system is impacted by what happens on Earth—not just what happens in space.

For this reason, we are taking bold climate action to mitigate our environmental impact and contribute to a sustainable future. SES Space & Defense and SES are committed to reaching NetZero emissions by 2050 and submit SBTi targets for validation no later than 2024.

We are committed to reaching NetZero emissions by 2050.

Diversity & Inclusion

Our success relies on the invaluable contributions of a diverse workforce and an inclusive work environment.

We propel our business and industry forward by embracing a diverse workforce that values varied experiences and viewpoints.

This approach leads to enhanced problem-solving, creativity, innovation, and a deeper understanding of our customers’ needs.

We harness the power of diverse perspectives and experiences to cultivate an inclusive company culture that fosters fairness, innovation, empowerment, and support where individuals can thrive and contribute to the collective success of our global team.


Code of Business Ethics

At SES Space & Defense, our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics guides our daily operations.

We ensure every employee upholds these standards, fostering a culture of integrity and ethical behavior.

To reinforce our commitment, each employee is required to complete an annual compliance training program on cybersecurity, anti-bribery and corruption, and sanction and export controls. 

Data Protection & Cybersecurity

Our organization’s management of data protection and security is a top priority.

To mitigate the risks associated with cyber threats, we have adopted data protection policies that fully comply with laws and regulations governing data protection and security.

These measures are outlined in a security framework which is continuously updated to address the evolving cybersecurity landscape and align with the industry-leading standard, NIST 800-171.