Enterprise Management & Control Solutions

Holistic integration as a catalyst for advancing network modernization for Enterprise Management and Control Solutions

In today’s interconnected world, SATCOM plays a vital role in enabling global connectivity and supporting critical operations. Government and military users rely on Enterprise Management and Control (EM&C) solutions for the unified management of both military and commercial SATCOM services to ensure seamless integration between satellite networks.

EM&C for SATCOM provides centralized management and control capabilities, empowering organizations, and agencies to optimize satellite network performance, allocate resources, and ensure seamless integration across diverse satellite systems.

Information & Communications Technology (ICT) Systems Integration

Holistic ICT Integration - Resilient & Secure End-to-end Global Comms

As the industry’s leading COMSATCOM integrator, SES Space & Defense delivers global end-to-end solutions and sovereign space initiatives across a fully integrated Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Ecosystem. Specializing in mission-critical solutions, SES Space & Defense produces transformational results where mission success is measurable, implementation is risk averse, and solutions are best value.

The SES Space & Defense ICT Ecosystem comprises of three segments: space, ground, and network management.

Space Segment


SES Space & Defense delivers best-value commercial satellite communication services leveraging multi-band, multi-orbit satellites from the largest satellite operators and by combining operator agnostic services with economies of scale

Space Segment at a Glance




Ku, C, X, L, Ka-Band, and UHF

Cyber Services

Secure beam forming & switching, and Telemetry, Tracking & Control (TT&C) Encryption

Ground Segment

Teleport and Terrestrial

SES Space & Defense refers to the teleport and terrestrial layers of the Ground Segment portion of the ICT Ecosystem as the Global Communications Network (GCN). Providing the highest level of information assurance and mission- assured network security, the GCN is a robust network of certified teleports, gateways, and terrestrial links. It is engineered with strategically positioned teleports to maximize global coverage by providing 100% diverse and redundant access to the entire commercial and military satellite arc. The self-healing network is capable of automatically re-routing traffic through a series of multiple geographically diverse network paths, providing an unrivaled level of survivability and dependability to ensure that your data is available anywhere, anytime.

Ecosystem Access

Ecosystem Access provides our customers access through various user interface devices such as deployed satellite terminals, mobile satellite 4G/5G devices, microwave, and fiber or cable connections. One of the key benefits of being a vendor agnostic integrator is not being limited to any one type of equipment or solution, which adds a layer of resiliency to the ICT Ecosystem. SES Space & Defense can adapt their network to any end-user equipment including legacy equipment – which is often a requirement for specialized mission sets.

Ground Segment at a Glance


Provide new locations and terminals anywhere in the world with network access within 4 hours


Support bandwidth surges within minutes in urgent scenarios


Networks are adaptable to serve current and legacy missions as well as future prototypes

Cyber Services

RMF Authorization, CIAQ, Transmission Security (TRANSEC), encryption, and SMDC/ARSTRAT Certifications

GCN Specifications

  • Vendor Agnostic
  • Carrier-grade low-latency, low-jitter, highly available MPLS network
  • Redundant, self-healing fiber circuits
  • Globally dispersed Internet PoPs
  • Secure facilities
  • Secure connections to customer networks
  • Diverse, redundant access to the entire commercial and military satellite arc
  • High Availability – U.S. Government ATO & ATC Risk Management Framework (RMF) moderate, moderate, high (MMH)

Network Management

Network Operations

SES Space & Defense Network Operations provides multiple disciplines of engineering and technical support necessary for the ICT ecosystem to effectively work and deliver high levels of network confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Network Management at a Glance

Information Technology

Information Technology consists of network applications and services that provide customers with comprehensive voice, video, and data capabilities, as well as IT support services.

Cyber Security

Cyber security is integrated into all aspects of the ecosystem to ensure mission success for government and military users. SES Space & Defense is operating under a government issued Authority to Operate (ATO) and Authority to Connect (ATC) and is in full compliance with the Risk Management Framework (RMF) moderate, moderate, high (MMH) security categorization for confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

The Value of a SATCOM Integrator

Build the right solution with the right team

SES Space & Defense Network Operations provides multiple disciplines of engineering and technical support necessary for the ICT ecosystem to effectively work and deliver high levels of network confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Complete ICT Integration
  • Deep understanding of the end-to-end solution intricacies
  • Comprehensive end-to-end solutions engineered as a whole system and to mission requirements
  • System, process, and problem resolution efficiencies
  • 24x7x365 single point of contact
  • Access to an entire team of experts
  • Proactive maintenance resulting in lower, predictable costs associated with fewer break-fix procedures
  • Vendor agnostic Long-standing relationships and MSAs with industry leading vendors
  • Extensive product and service knowledge through testing and analysis
  • Price efficiencies through industry knowledge and economies of scale

ICT Portal

Improve performance and operational decision-making with a single pane of glass view into your network

The Information & Communications Technology (ICT) Portal from SES Space and Defense is a web-based NetOps capability that can be accessed worldwide and provide a consolidated and transparent view of key information into a customer’s network performance, utilization, and general situational awareness.

The ICT Portal leverages the same holistic and vendor-agnostic approach from the SES Space & Defense ICT Ecosystem, providing decision-makers with precise performance analytics and actionable data in near real-time through monitoring and reporting capabilities of hybrid and complex networks consisting of disparate systems, siloed software, multiple nodes, and various types of equipment that inherently do not communicate with one another.

This gives customers a tremendous advantage by providing critical information to improve decision-making in the fast-paced environments in which they operate. The ICT Portal from SES Space and Defense is not just a source of information but an invaluable capability for mission assurance.

Capability Overview

  • Technology agnostic
  • Customizable common operating picture offering complete monitoring of network operations for near real-time performance visibility of hybrid terrestrial and satellite wide area networks
  • Alarm awareness, predictive troubleshooting via targeted data presentation
  • Centralized data repository (resource library)
  • Enhanced Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) features and functionality and simple and secure login via any IP connection (private network, or firewalled Internet)

Single pane of glass visibility customized to your mission requirements

The SES Space & Defense ICT Portal provides views into

Space Segment

Capacity Management, Spectrum Monitoring, Bandwidth Forecasting/Reservation*, and AI/ML Capabilities*

Ground Segment

End-to-end Configuration Details, End-to-end Performance Monitoring, End-to-end Events/Conditions, Congestion Management*

Network Management

Cyber security and IT Service Managemen: -

*Future capabilities

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