Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Recovery

Rapid Response SATCOM

Satellite Communication (SATCOM) is revolutionizing humanitarian assistance and disaster recovery (HADR) efforts when conventional infrastructure is compromised or unavailable, enabling healthcare professionals to extend their expertise across the high seas and empower emergency responders with a reliable critical line of communication.


Connecting care, anywhere, anytime with SATCOM precision

SATCOM is redefining healthcare delivery. Innovation in telemedicine means our armed forces and government agencies can bridge the gap between medical professionals and those in need, irrespective of geographical constraints. The United States Naval Hospital Ships, Comfort, and Mercy are prime assets in the Navy’s efforts to provide humanitarian assistance and healthcare to foreign countries.

In 2020, SES Space & Defense deployed a fully managed, customized O3b MEO satellite solution to deliver low latency solutions to access network-enabled applications. These applications are used to accumulate, store, forward, and host high-resolution X-rays and large data files of patient medical records. This solution also made consultations with medical professionals possible through wired and wireless services, email, and through other morale, welfare, and recreation (MWR) applications.

Emergency Response

Connecting humanity in critical times

When natural disasters occur, cloud-based applications enable governments, NGOs, and humanitarian organizations to orchestrate a unified crisis response. The efficacy of these applications is contingent upon a resilient communication infrastructure. In instances where terrestrial networks are destroyed or compromised, satellite systems play a pivotal role in rapidly restoring critical lines of communication. This resiliency, essential for business continuity, ensures a swift response and facilitates seamless orchestration of emergency efforts.  

Our team of experts supports emergency response missions via partnerships with organizations such as Google and AWS.

In 2017, SES partnered with Google’s experimental stratospheric balloon system, ‘Project Loon,’ to bring telephone and broadband connectivity to Puerto Rico after Category 4 Hurricane Maria knocked out 95.2 percent of cell tower sites across the island. SES provided high-throughput, low latency fiber-like satellite connectivity service via a rapidly deployable O3b FastConnect terminal delivering 4G/LTE mobile connectivity to the region.

In addition, SES Space & Defense supported the AWS Disaster Response program in the wake of Category 4 Hurricane Ivan restoring broadband connectivity for local communities and first responders in Lee County, Florida. In the absence of reliable ground connectivity systems due to the severe impact of the storm, SES Space & Defense provided interim service in the hours immediately following the major devastation of Southwest Florida, providing on-the-ground efforts, ground terminals, and dedicated service-level agreement (SLA) MEO satellite-enabled solutions to state agencies and first responders.

Emergency response at a glance

Instant Infrastructure

A single MEO terminal can simultaneously reconnect an entire community and support recovery teams.

Enabling Response Coordination

Powered by GEO and MEO high-throughput satellites, our uncontended end-to-end network delivered rapid and reliable performance for cloud applications, facilitating efficient response coordination.