Behind the scenes – unprecedented access to the O3b Global Operations Center

O3b operates a satellite constellation at Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) that is capable of delivering something truly revolutionary – fiber-like throughputs and low latency connections that can rival terrestrial networks and deliver connectivity in places where terrestrial networks are either nonexistent or unreliable.

Since the company’s founding in 2007, they’ve managed to grow exponentially – launching 12 satellites, building nine gateways and increasing the number of customer terminals they’re servicing to close to 100. Much of that growth has been a testament to the game-changing nature of their technologies and service offering – which were even further validated when the company was purchased in May of 2016 by satellite operator, SES.

It’s very easy to underestimate or underappreciate just what O3b has accomplished. They’ve managed to extend high-bandwidth connectivity to people in some of the world’s most remote places – even in the middle of the ocean aboard cruise ships. And they’ve accomplished it by launching satellites into MEO that perform intelligent and highly choreographed hand-overs at precise intervals – enabling them to never drop a packet or lose connectivity.

To get a better idea of how this is all done and managed, we asked the folks at O3b for a backstage pass and all-access tour of their Global Operations Center in Manassas, VA. They surprisingly agreed, and even offered to let us take you – our readers – on a tour of their facilities.

Here is a photo slideshow of every room, hallway and crevice in the O3b Global Operations Center – including their Network Operations Center (NOC), Space Operations Center (SOC), and data center – complete with captions detailing what each does, and providing additional information about the company. Check out the photos below:


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For additional information about O3b, click HERE to download the whitepaper, “O3b “Fiber Like” Satellite Communications for U.S. Government Applications,” or click HERE to listen to an exclusive podcast featuring O3b CEO, Steve Collar.


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