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November 20, 2015

Courtesy of FedNewsRadio

This panel discussion will focus on (1) how DOD is improving access to critical communications for the warfighter over the last year and (2) budgetary priorities to address future space-based mission needs.

Satellite communications, long a staple for both military and civilian operations, is undergoing change. New capacity, improved throughput technologies and a growing fleet of birds outside of the synchronous orbit mean altogether greater capabilities.

Experts like retired Air Force Brigadier General Peter Hoene, president and CEO of SES Government Solutions, also say this: Federal agencies acquiring satellite services need a refreshed approach to how they buy. Hoene discussed satellite issues on a panel with retired Vice Admiral Lyle Bien, a strategic advisor to SES. They advise:

Try to avoid spot market buying, which can be more expensive and less flexible than longer-term capacity leasing arrangements.
For long-term needs, consider using a hosted payload. That is, your agency’s communications device attached to a satellite that’s already scheduled for launch aboard a rocket.
Consider the range of available options, from pure bandwidth to managed end-to-end services.

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