SES Space and Defense launches tactiXs on-demand X-band service platform

SES Space and Defense has launched tactiXs, a mission-specific managed service platform in partnership with Network Innovations and GovSat, a public-private joint venture between the Government of Luxembourg and SES.

The full end-to-end managed service provides practical, cost-effective solutions to mission parameters by allowing the customer to purchase a volume-based Mbps service, as opposed to MHz bandwidth agreements, whilst ensuring security and performance of the connectivity service.

Leveraging the GovSat-1 satellite, operated by GovSat, tactiXs delivers secure, non-preemptible X-band capacity to customers on an on-demand basis across any domain or austere environment in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Utilizing high-powered, steerable spot beams that can be quickly repositioned to provide robust coverage makes this solution well suited for any U.S. military or government-based mission whether it be comms-on-the-move or comms-on-the-pause.

“Our new service platform is a non-preemptible alternative to WGS that can handle the most tactical-edge customers’ data and mission requirements, and with no lead time required can be set up within hours for the mission at hand,” said President and CEO of SES Space and Defense, Brigadier General Pete Hoene, USAF (retired). “We are proud to partner with both Network Innovations and GovSat as we understand the demand for reliable, uncontended bandwidth and we are excited to bring this innovative and secure solution to the market.”

tactiXs can support a myriad of use cases required by military users, including covert missions and various types of special ops. The GovSat-1 satellite connectivity is ideally paired with the capabilities of the tactiXs platform and has all the key attributes of MILSATCOM such as anti-jam, encrypted telemetry & control as well as secure beam steering & control, and can augment the Wideband Global SATCOM system (WGS) with secure X- and Mil Ka- band capabilities.

“tactiXs is the only commercial satellite managed service available to the military that offers X-band satellite capacity on an as-needed, volume-based basis,” said Patti Aston, a Senior Director at SES Space and Defense. “By making capacity on GovSat-1 available as a short-term managed service, tactiXs enables the military to access X-band capacity specifically tailored to the mission in which communications are needed.”

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