VIDEO: Steve Collar on the exciting advancements in satellite and space

We don’t realize just how much we’ve become reliant on the Internet and network connectivity until they’re taken away. Think about the last time that you experienced a power outage. Or the last time your ISP’s service went down. I bet you had a hard time thinking of things you could do without those services. Chances are, you glanced at devices without connectivity as a reflex, expecting to see them working despite the lack of WiFi.

Mobile and wireless connectivity isn’t limited to folks at home or the private industry. The public sector also relies heavily on IT services and network connectivity to accomplish even some of the most basic tasks and missions. How can government agencies that need connectivity in remote and highly contested environments  get access to the bandwidth that they need?

This is the value proposition of satellite networks – the ability to deliver connectivity to many of the places where terrestrial networks simply don’t exist and in the circumstances in which they may not be available.

Excitingly, the capabilities of these satellite networks are increasing. Rapid innovation in the satellite industry has advanced satellites and the services that they can deliver more in the past few years than they previously had in decades. This is opening the door to fiber-like connectivity that can bridge the digital divide and enable access to IT services and information practically anywhere on Earth.

This exciting wave of innovation and advancement was the topic of a recent video featuring Steve Collar, the gentleman that was named CEO of SES, the world’s largest satellite communications provider, in April of this year. In the following video, Steve looks at the new technologies entering the satellite marketplace, and the future that satellite can help to deliver.

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