The Next Generation of Commercial X-Band

We have entered the second generation of commercially available military frequencies; expanded, more capable than ever, and with a track record of always being there to support every military operation from Desert Storm to Gothic Serpent to Enduring Freedom to Inherent Resolve. It has been repeatedly proven that commercial satellites can and will be there for every future military operation.

Capabilities dramatically improve with each iteration of commercial satellites, with satellite providers continually adding more throughput, more spectrum, and more power. This means the user on the ground gets more options from a more competitive environment – which means lower prices. They also get the ability to pick the right solution to fit the mission, without compromising on mission TTPs to fit the SATCOM solution.

Commercially available secure military frequencies are just one more option on the smorgasbord of commercial solutions. These military frequencies provide practical cost-effective solutions to mission parameters that demand high throughput, resilience, reliability, and small mobile terminals.

This eBook explores the benefits that commercially delivered X-band satellite service can deliver to the military, and why today’s modern military should welcome commercial X-band service as a strategic addition to its integrated satellite architecture.

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