Despite COVID and Conflict, 2021 an Exciting Year for Space and Satellite

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2021 was a difficult and trying year for many that saw the unfortunate continuation of the COVID-19 pandemic, and continued contentiousness in our public discourse. However, while 2021 may not be reflected upon with fondness by many Americans, there were exciting developments in the space and satellite industries.

Many of these developments are indicative of some large, overarching trends and changes that we’re witnessing in the way the military and government are utilizing technology in theater and in the field, and the role that satellite can play in making these technologies available in every corner of the globe – even in the most geographically isolated and remote locations on Earth.

In 2021, we saw the government and military accelerate their digital transformation initiatives. The flames of modernization within the government and military were stoked by the restrictions they were forced to operate under during the pandemic, and the increased functionality and capability that advanced technologies promised to deliver.

Those modernization initiatives led to network-enabled, connected devices, sensors, and technologies becoming increasingly mission-critical across the government and military. It’s now obvious that smart devices, Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, and other connected systems and platforms are the backbone of a modern warfighting force, and the government workforce of the future.

As these connected devices, systems, and platforms make their way into the everyday operations of these organizations, they’re going to need connectivity – even in places where traditional, terrestrial networks are unavailable, untrusted, or have the potential to be denied. Satellite services offer the most effective, reliable, assured, and secure solution to this connectivity challenge, and will continue to do so well into the future.

With the role of satellite rising in importance, the space, satellite, and technology industries invested heavily on innovation in 2021. The past year was witness to massive improvements and new developments in satellite technologies – both in space and on Earth.

Advancements in terrestrial satellite technology and grounds systems promised to give government and military users the interoperability and flexibility that they’ve long desired in satellite services. New advancements in spacecraft design and technologies delivered on the promise of delivering extreme throughputs and bandwidth to every corner of the globe with low latency.

These advancements and satellite’s increasing ability to deliver cutting-edge technologies to the tactical edge sparked large technology companies to turn to satellite as a way to deliver their solutions to the tip of the spear. The world’s leading cloud solution providers announced exciting partnerships and agreements with satellite service providers in 2021 that will lay the foundation for the most advanced technologies to be delivered seamlessly to those that need them, when they need them, regardless of their location.

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